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What exactly is 5MileWIFI and what can it do for you?

In a nutshell, it is a wifi booster system designed for travelers to dramatically increase the range of both receiving and sending a wifi signal. 5milewifi includes everything you need to connect for long distance wifi, the booster, a cable and an antenna. It plugs into a standard laptop or PC and uses 2 USB ports. The average laptop internal wifi card offers a very low power adapter, designed for sitting in a café that has a hotspot. With 5MileWIFI, you can connect to that hotspot from far away, often miles away. Compare the average laptop with a 50mW adapter to 5MileWIFI with a 1000mW of power.

Let's face it, a little rubber ducky antenna won't do the job for real world connectivity. It might get you a signal a block or two from the Starbucks, but if you want real long distance capability, you need a real antenna and the power to drive it. That is what 5MileWIFI offers and in a siimple package as well.

It will take the place of your built-in wifi card and connect you to distant wifi signals more often and more reliably. By using a built-in 1000mW bi-directional amplifier and a built-in tuned wifi card, 5MileWIFI lets you be miles away from the hotspot. For example, if you were in a harbor and found 2 or 3 wifi signals with low signal strength, 5milewifi would likely find you 10 or 20 signals with the pure power for a reliable connection.  Perfect for marine wifi, RV wifi and trucking wifi use.

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